Ray of Hope


There are many areas where you can take part and support our team and the

Ray of Hope ministry. Please pray about which of these ways you can demonstrate

God’s love to the people of the Amazon and shine his light there

by meeting physical and spiritual needs.




If you would like to partner with Ray of Hope by bringing a team down to the Amazon, we welcome

the opportunity to work with you and your church or ministry. Teams typically join us in Manaus

and travel the river assisting with camps, food delivery, providing medical assistance, and sharing God’s love. FIND OUT MORE HERE





We will take a small number of interns for an extended time to help withour ministry and administration.

Some interns will say in Manaus and some will join us on the river. Interns will work long,

hard hours but the work is very rewarding.



Our biggest need is prayer! Without the help of God we would not be successful in our endeavors.

Our desire is to go where he leads, do what he asks and seek His glory on the Amazon.

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