Ray of Hope


August, 2017–Aracaju

The God’s move in the life of the Ray of Hope and Missio Dei team was a confirmation of His purpose to send us to Aracaju on August 28, 2017.

We understood that we was only one group, with one purpose: To carry the message of the Cross!

They were days of restoration and salvation of lives. This is the effect of the power of God in the hearts.

Our reception in Aracaju was wonderful. Pastor Herico and Priscilla, her children Samuel and David, the affection of the family, Church and community was tremendous.
Visiting the homes in the Lamarao and Massadiço communities was the gateway to a better rapprochement with the people.

The days of the Camps have arrived, with Biblical moment for adults and children, eye exam with donation of glasses, delivery of Bibles, toys, clothes, footwear, female and male haircut. Also Much praise and worship, moments with spiritual renewal. All to the glory of God.


The communities who participated were greatly blessed.

The inauguration of the New church was marked by a lot of emotion.

Be able to see the acting and the confirmation of God in the life of Pr Herico and family, it was wonderful.

The Lord’s blessing through prayer was unrivaled.

To close our time there. The Lord called his Church to a particular moment with Him, with the Leadership Seminar in the Evangelical Church with Pr Antonio Ferro.
Words from God, through their servants of Missio Dei team, to our hearts, were received by all.

“The Lord has done great things for us; because of which we are glad.” Psalms 126:3

June 7, 2017

Missionaries @alessandragomesfreire and @abner teaching and delivering the Bible to riverside communities.
Love the Word of God, it is ALIVE! “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  Psalm 119: 105


Bibles to village

May 25, 2017

We are looking forward to many teams on the river this summer. Our Ray of Hope team is busy getting ready in preparation for their arrival. We love working alongside churches, ministry partners and new friends. Our hope is to make a lasting impact along the Amazon.


Amazon Baptism


May 23, 2017

Finalizando… Precisamos de você…
Viajamos em diferentes rios, Rio Amazonas, Rio Solimões, Rio Negro compartilhandp as BOAS NOVAS através de ações.
Trabalhamos ajudando pastores, crianças especiais, órfãos, viúvas e todas as pessoas que encontramos que precisam de ajuda, amor e compartilhamos o amor de Jesus e o seu Evangelho.
E é um prazer servi-los e ver Deus fazendo milagres diários em suas vidas….
Precisamos de você e esperamos que possa vir conosco e juntos servimos para Glória DELE.


We travel to different rivers, the Amazon River, Rio Solimões, Rio Negro to share the GOOD NEWS through actions. We work helping pastors, special children, orphans, widows and all the people we meet who need help, love, as we share the love of Jesus and his Gospel.
And it is a pleasure to serve alongside you and to see God doing daily miracles in your lives as well.
We need you and we hope you can come with us and together we serve to the Glory of Him.

Video: Part 3

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