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WHEN JESUS walked the earth He attended to both spiritual and physical needs. Whether feeding 5000, washing feet, healing the sick, or speaking the truth in love, Jesus showed His love and care with a holistic viewpoint. At Ray of Hope, we try to follow His way of meeting the needs that are brought before us. We believe it is only through salvation that there can be lasting change, but physical needs of the people must also be addressed.





We hold Kid’s Camps in villages along the River Negro, Solimoes and Amazonas. The camp begins with a simple message for the children with lots of singing, acting and dancing. The team divides kids into age groups to participate in crafts, art and sports. Activities for the parents are provided as well.






We try to address immediate hunger needs as well as developing ways to address chronic food and nutrition shortages by providing villagers with a hot meal and drink during the Kid’s Camp and target needy families for food bag distribution. One of our partners, Barn I Nod (Children in Need) supports a project in Manicapuru that provides daily meals to 100 of the most needy Amazon’s most needy children.




Gloria and boy


Special Needs kids are considered cursed in many villages and many children lack the most basic care. When the Ray of Hope team hears of such children, they teach parents about Jesus’ love for special needs kids and teach them how to provide proper care. They also provide additional aid to the families by providing medical care, wheelchairs, monthly support, food bags, as needed.





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The families in the Amazon are generally very poor, the hospital can be a few days boat ride away, and they most often do not have regular doctors and medical support around them. It is our goal to raise sufficient funds to support mission doctors who will be able to join our team on regular trips to the jungle to provide medical care and to educate the village people on how they can protect and sometimes prevent deadly infections.


Flooded Village-2


The Amazon River rises and falls as much as 80 feet a year! Homes are often built on stilts and high ground, but there are times when the river floods, forcing people to abandon their home or move into the rafters. These desperate times bring additional hardships such as snakes swimming in the lower levels, small gardens are flooded, and cook stoves are inaccessible. We form teams of volunteers who provide emergency relief to flood victims.

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