Ray of Hope


Gloria and boy

Gloria Santos Reynolds

Gloria spent many years in tourism in Brazil working as a jungle guide. After a difficult period in her life she went to Bible school in Canada and received a word from her teacher that the Lord wanted her to return to The Amazon to work with the children in the jungle. The teacher handed Gloria an envelope containing $200 and told her “This is for you to start your missionary work and God will show you the next step”.


Shortly after, Gloria’s father Joaquim was traveling from the village of Iranduba when a boy with blood on his face ran in front of the car. He took the boy to the hospital but no one knew who he was. Joaquim returned to the area where he had found the boy and asked a man passing by if he knew him. “I know him, he’s Narciso the son of the crazy woman” was the response. The boy lived in a shack in the village but the family were outcasts. The mother was mentally ill and suffered from epilepsy and the father was an alcoholic.


Joaquim bought a bag of food for the family as they had very little to eat. He returned to his home and spoke with Gloria and his wife Irineia and they decided to use the $200 Gloria had been given to help this family. The following weekend Gloria held the first ‘Kids Camp’ in this village and 100 children and 20 parents turned up. At the end of the day a little girl came to Gloria,  “Today was the best day of my life. I have never been so happy. I never knew that someone cared for me, that Jesus cared, please when are you coming back?” she said.


Gloria who had only intended to do this one camp said “We’ll be back next month. Tell your friends to come”. One week later a jungle pastor gave Gloria a word, “Nations will come and help you and you will make a difference in the Amazon Jungle”.


Gloria lives with her husband and children in Manaus, speaks 5 languages and serves on the Amazon River.


We couldn’t meet the needs of the Amazon people without a large team of volunteers. Our volunteers work in office administration, visitation of the sick, food delivery, cooking, translating, tear down and setup, wildlife guidance, running camps, prayer support, medical ministry, and serving in many other capacities.


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